Norway has a unique system of state funding for flms, and cinemas are largely run by the municipalities. In such a small language community where private investment capital and earnings potential are limited, there would be no film industry without offcial public support. Norwegian film policy is designed to ensure the production and availability of a wide range of high quality audiovisual productions. With this in mind, the Norwegian parliament (Stortinget) has defined a number of specific goals relating to public support for, general access to, and the creative development of Norwegian audiovisual productions. 

On a national level it is the National FIlm Institute which support the production, promotion and distribution of quality films in Norway. In addition their objective is to represent Norwegian film internationally, and to highlight film as an expression of art and culture. For international productions, funding through co-production with a Norwegian producer is a possibility.

In addition there are also a few national film funds.

All districts in Norway are covered by regional Film Commissioners, Film Funds and Film Centres. They all have regional as well as governmental support. The national goals are to stimulate and strengthen production infrastructure, professionality and continuity in all parts of the production, and increase talent development in all corners of the country.

There are three regional film commissions in Norway that offer facilitation for foreign productions carried out in their region. There are six regional film funds. Most of them can support audiovisual productions of all genres and formats, including international co-productions and video games. 

In addition there are regional Film Centres which mission is to support development and production of short films and documentaries, to raise competence among professionals, and to spot, cultivate and support young talents. 


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